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Greetings and welcome to my page. I am Ville-Karel Viirelaid – a contemporary artist.  I was born in Estonia 31.10.1981 in a small rural village Langerma. I have graduated Estonian Academy of arts Fine arts department with BA degree in 2007 focusing on graphic arts and continued studies in MA program of Interdiciplinary arts at the same school.  My art studies include also Academia Grata (2002-2004) and studies as an exchange student in Imatra art school in Finland as well as Bratislava Art Academy in Slovakia.  I have been  an active member of artist group Non Grata (2004-2014)  which received Estonian National Art Foundation`s annual art award in 2007. I was involved for many years in organizing graphic arts oriented Printmaking IN festival, performance art festival Diverse Universe and Video-and Film festival in Pärnu, Estonia.  I have curated numerous art exhibitions and live art events in Estonia and Finland. I have participated in countless live art events and group exhibitions all over Europe, several exhibitions and events in U.S.A. , South Korea and Chile.  For the last years I have been living and working in Finland with wife and  three kids, trying to reinvent myself  as a visual artist, working as entrepreneur  and finding new challenges on my creative path.

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